Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay any fees?
No. Applicants are never charged a fee at Express.
How are assignments made?
When we receive a job order request from a client company, we check our list of applicants to match skills with requirements. If your skills match the client company’s need, we will call you. If you accept the assignment, we will provide you with all the necessary information about the job. When the assignment has ended, you contact the Express office to be placed back on the available list.
Must I accept every assignment?
No. Flexibility is one of the advantages of being an Express associate. However, when you accept an assignment, Express depends on you to complete it.
How long are the assignments?
Express assignments vary from four hours to weeks or even months. In some cases, an Express assignment leads to full-time placement. When we make an assignment, we will provide you with the approximate length of time it will last. If you decide to accept an assignment, please ensure you are available for the full length of the assignment.
How often can I work?
This depends on your availability and willingness to work, the quality of your work and the marketability of your skills. We make every attempt to keep our employees as busy as they wish to be. However, Express does not guarantee any certain number of hours.

For answers to any other questions you might have, contact a Staffing Consultant